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We’re sharing some of Rafferty’s favorite toys. Dog toys have to be durable to keep up with him, so these should be good options for any moderate chewer.

We’ll keep adding more as we find things we love, so check back often!

Rafferty’s Current #1 Favorite Toy

Petstages Treat Stuffer

Rafferty begs for us to fill this Petstages Treat Stuffer Carrot with baby carrots. He’ll then spend at least an hour working to get the carrots out. He’ll even beg for this when there are easy-access carrots already in his food bowl! He prefers this puzzle.

It has been the ultimate boredom-buster for him. He’s never really cared about kong-type toys, but this is a little different with the multiple holes in which to tightly stuff carrots.

I’m going to stock up on these so that as they wear out, we are never without one!

Rafferty’s Favorite Ball

Caitec Chase n Chomp Ball

This Chase n Chomp Ball from Caitec has held up to Rafferty’s chewing for years. He loves to play with this ball outside by the fire. He has it in multiple colors, and come to think of it, it’s the only kind of ball he has!

Hero Squeaker Disc

For some reason, Rafferty loves to play with rocks. He digs them out of the ground, then pushes them around between his legs, rolls on them, and tries to chew them. I’m always afraid he’s going to break a tooth.

When I got this toy, I wasn’t sure what to think of it. It’s flat like a pancake, but about 3/4″ thick with a squeaker inside–a shape I’d never seen in a dog toy before. But the novel shape is the key to this toy.

Rafferty has to think about how to pick this toy up because it’s flat on the floor. It bounces in unpredictable directions. He plays with this toy in the same way that he plays with rocks. So I’m hoping to be able to replace the rock playing with this Hero Disc toy!

Chase n Chomp Dumbbell

This Chase n Chomp Dumbbell was Rafferty’s first toy. He’s had a few more since then, but he still has the first one we ever got!

Chase n Chomp Fetch Stick

Rafferty loves these Chase n Chomp textured toys. They are durable, dishwasher-safe, they squeak, and they float.

This fetch stick is lots of fun, but it does have a squared edge that he can get a hold of to gnaw a hole through, so this one might not be the best for super chewers or unsupervised play.

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