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Marty McFly Dog Costume - DIY for Big Dogs - Rafferty -

Who wants to go back to 1985 and give Einstein some scritches? (And maybe some Fresh Pet instead of that nasty Kal Kan slop!) Well, hop in the Delorean because we’re going Back to the Future. This Marty McFly dog costume will be a huge hit, and it’s relatively simple to put together.


Marty McFly Dog Costume Supplies

• White checkered button-down shirt


In the outfit we’re recreating, Marty was wearing way too many shirts. Technically, he had on a red t-shirt as a base layer, but for the comfort of our dogs, we’re going to skip that.

We’ll start with the checkered button down shirt. Marty’s was white with black lines. If you want to be absolutely authentic, you can get a replica from Amazon, but really any white checkered shirt that’s close will do the trick. I just grabbed one from the thrift store.

• Denim shirt/jacket

Next, we have Marty’s jean jacket. Again, for the sake of our dog’s comfort, we’re going to make a slight modification and use a lightweight denim shirt instead of a heavy, hot jacket.

• Red vest

It must’ve been really cold in Hill Valley, CA in 1985, because on top of all those shirts, Marty also wore a red puffy vest to meet Doc Brown at the mall.

If you have or can find a puffy vest, that’s fine, and I know it’s iconic, but really, any red vest will get the point across, and the lighter weight the better for the sake of your dog’s comfort. We don’t want them to overheat and get sick just for a silly costume. Here’s a lighter, potentially cooler option.

• Aviator sunglasses

To complete your Marty McFly dog costume, grab a pair of aviator sunglasses to prop on top of your dog’s head. You can usually find them at the dollar store, or get them from Amazon.

I’ve found that a pair of adjustable eyewear retainers, also usually available at the dollar store, can really help keep the glasses on your dog’s head.

• Don’t want to DIY?

If you’d rather not hunt for all the individual pieces of this getup, you can get a ready-made Marty McFly dog costume on Amazon.


Marty McFly Dog Costume - Big Dog Costumes - DIY - Rafferty -

And there you have it. Roll up those sleeves, pop the collar, and your dog is ready to go back to 1955 in this Marty McFly dog costume. Dress yourself up as Doc Brown, grab your JVC VHS camcorder, and work on your best “Great Scott!”

If you do dress up your dog, I’d love to see it! Tag @raffertypup in your photos.

PS: As always, be sure to put the safety and comfort of your dog first. Ensure the clothing isn’t too tight or binding. Dogs can overheat quickly, so if the weather is too warm, don’t dress up your dog. And watch your pup for signs of stress. Some dogs will make it obvious if they hate the costume, but others might give more subtle clues like yawning, panting and pinned back ears. Remember, a funny Instagram photo isn’t worth making your dog miserable, or worse.

Marty McFly Dog Costume - Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -

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