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Fall Dog Sweater Gift Guide | Rafferty |

Our Fall Dog Sweater Gift Guide will make your pup the best dressed for autumn. It may be November, but I’m not ready to break out the Christmas sweaters just yet. If you’re like me and want to hang onto fall a little bit longer, read on.

I made sure that these sweaters came in sizes at least large enough to fit a dog Rafferty’s size, so they should work for your big dog.

#1 – Plaid Dog Hoodie

This cute dog hoodie comes in several patterns, but I really like this classy beige and black plaid for fall. It even has a real pocket!

#2 – Buffalo Plaid Dog Hoodie

Buffalo Plaid is a classic! This dog hoodie also comes in black and white plaid. It has a pocket on the back and a slit for a leash on the neck.

#3 – Mustard Chenille Striped Dog Sweater

Mustard is a perfect fall color and this striped sweater will look so cute on your pup! This sweater is made by Blueberry Pet which means it’s high quality and will fit great.

#4 – Orange Dog Cardigan

Another Blueberry Pet find. This orange sweater will have your dog looking as cute as a vintage preppy college student.

#5 – Argyle Fall Dog Sweater

Classic argyle in orange and brown is perfect for fall. This pup sweater comes in seven different sizes to fit a wide range of dogs. This one does say hand wash only.

#6 – Burgundy Chenille Dog Sweater

Deep red and so soft to ease us into colder weather and the Holidays! Here’s another Blueberry Pet find that comes in other colors as well.

#7 – Fair Isle Dog Sweater

Can you tell I like Blueberry Pet? This Fair Isle patterned dog sweater will work great for fall and right on into the Christmas season.

#8 – Classy Plaid Dog Sweater

This plaid dog sweater will add some class to your pup’s wardrobe! This one has a leash hole as well, and I really like the turtleneck.

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