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Rocky Balboa Dog Costume - Rafferty's 31 Days of Dog Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -

In this DIY Rocky dog costume, your dog will be ready to enter the ring. Rafferty’s Rocky costume is easy to put together for your big dog with just 3 inexpensive pieces.

Let’s go a few rounds!

Rocky Dog Costume Supplies

Gray Sweatshirt


In the classic stairs scene from Rocky, he runs through the streets wearing multiple gray sweatshirts. For the comfort of our dogs, we’ll just use one. If you don’t have a gray sweatshirt, check your local thrift store, or try this one.

Red Sweatband

Next, we’ll need a red sweatband like the one Rocky wore. For the sake of hygiene, I wouldn’t get a used sweatband (gross!). You can get a new one on Amazon here. Or you can use a red bandana like I did with Rafferty.


Boxing Gloves

Lastly, we’ll need some boxing gloves to hang around your dog’s neck to make this costume instantly recognizable. Kids’ boxing gloves will be a better size and weight for your dog to carry. I happened to come across Rafferty’s gloves at a thrift store, but if you can’t find them locally, you can try this pair.

Completed Rocky Dog Costume

Rocky Dog Costume - Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -

Put it all together, and your pup will be ready to run some stairs in Philly!

If you do dress up your pup in this Rocky Balboa dog costume, I’d love to see it! Tag @raffertypup in your photos on Instagram.

Our Rocky Balboa dog costume is part of Rafferty’s 31 Days of Dog Costumes, costumes that you can DIY, designed for big dogs. Find more dog costume ideas here.

PS: As always, make sure you’re putting the safety and comfort of your dog first. Be sure the clothing isn’t too tight or binding. Dogs can overheat quickly, so if the weather is too warm, don’t dress up your dog. And watch your pup for signs of stress. Some dogs will make it obvious if they hate the costume, but others might only give more subtle clues like yawning, panting and pinned back ears. Remember, a funny Instagram photo isn’t worth making your dog miserable, or worse.


Rocky Balboa Dog Costume - Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -

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