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Ice Cream Man Dog Costume - Rafferty's 31 Days of Dog Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -


Rafferty’s Ice Cream Man Dog Costume will make you scream for ice cream. It’s easy to scale so it will work for even the biggest dogs. This costume includes some fun DIY-ing, so grab your glue gun, and let’s get to work.

Ice Cream Man Dog Costume Supplies

Striped Shirt

First we’ll need a pastel striped button down shirt. You could also use white. A shirt like this should be pretty easy to find at a thrift store, or you can get this one.



Pick out a bowtie that coordinates with the shirt you chose. Pastel colors will look best for this ice cream man costume. Inexpensive bowties are available on Amazon here.

Ice Cream Cones


The ice cream man has to have ice cream cones to sell! These can be tricky to find locally so you can try these ones. Or DIY your own!

Ice Cream Holder


The ice cream holder can be made from any flat, sturdy item. I used the bottom of a cupcake taker from the dollar store. You can use a tray or anything else that will hold the cones. Hot glue the ice cream to your holder, or cut holes to slide the cones into. Glue on some ribbon so you can hang the holder from your dog’s neck.

Soda Jerk Hat


The finishing touch is the soda jerk hat. I made Rafferty’s with white poster board and a red Sharpie. If you don’t want to make one, you can get one on Amazon.

Hot glue the hat to a headband to help it stay on your dog’s head.

Completed Ice Cream Man Dog Costume

Rafferty's Ice Cream Man Dog Costume - Dog Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -


Put it all together, and you’re done. Your dog will look as sweet as ice cream in this costume!


If you do dress up your pup in this ice cream man dog costume, I’d love to see it! Tag @raffertypup in your photos on Instagram.

We’re sharing 31 Days of Dog Costumes that you can put together using items you may already have, or things that are easy to find at a local thrift store or on Amazon. You can find all of our big dog costume ideas here.

PS: As always, make sure you’re putting the safety and comfort of your dog first. Be sure the clothing isn’t too tight or binding. Dogs can overheat quickly, so if the weather is too warm, don’t dress up your dog. And watch your pup for signs of stress. Some dogs will make it obvious if they hate the costume, but others might only give more subtle clues like yawning, panting and pinned back ears. Remember, a funny Instagram photo isn’t worth making your dog miserable, or worse.


Ice Cream Man Dog Costume - Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -

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