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DIY Grandpa Dog Costume - Dog Costume ideas for big dogs - Rafferty -

Our Grandpa dog costume is perfect for big dogs, and it’s quick to put together with things you can easily find at a thrift store. You can accessorize this costume up or down with as many items as your dog is willing to wear!


Grandpa Dog Costume Supplies


Sweater Vest

We’ll start with a sweater vest. Get one that looks as old fashioned as possible. Sometimes you can find sweater vests at thrift stores, but this one from Amazon would be perfect.


Button-down Shirt


Next, we need a button-down shirt. Find a short-sleeved patterned shirt, and remember, the more it clashes with the sweater vest, the better! Thrift stores are usually full of these, or try this one.



To really sell the old man costume, you can add as many accessories as your dog will tolerate.



Get a pair of reading glasses from the dollar store. They can be colorful or wire-rimmed. I usually pop the lenses out before putting them on Rafferty so they don’t affect his vision. These ones on Amazon are great.

Using a pair of eyewear retainers can really help to keep the glasses on your dog’s face.


Bow Tie

Bow ties are essential for an old man. Amazon has some good, inexpensive bow ties in lots of colors.



If your dog is ok with it, a wig puts this grandpa dog costume over the top! This one would work well. I sewed Rafferty’s wig onto a headband to help keep it on his head. You could also use hot glue to attach the wig to a headband.



A pageboy hat completes the look. This one for toddlers would fit a big dog well. Use some elastic to keep it on your dog’s head.


Completed Grandpa Dog Costume

Grandpa Dog Costume - Rafferty's 31 Days of Dog Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -

Your dog will make the cutest old man in this grandpa dog costume!


If you do dress up your pup in this grandpa dog costume, I’d love to see it! Tag @raffertypup in your photos on Instagram.


Our grandpa dog costume is part of Rafferty’s 31 Days of Dog Costumes, costumes that you can DIY, designed for big dogs. Find more dog costume ideas here.

PS: As always, please be sure to put the safety and comfort of your dog first. Ensure the clothing isn’t too tight or binding. Dogs can overheat quickly, so if the weather is too warm, don’t dress up your dog. And watch your pup for signs of stress. Some dogs will make it obvious if they hate the costume, but others might give more subtle clues like yawning, panting and pinned back ears. Remember, a funny Instagram photo isn’t worth making your dog miserable, or worse.


Grandpa Dog Costume - Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -

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