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Rafferty Corn Dog Costume - 31 Days of Dog Costumes for Big Dogs -

This DIY corn dog costume has the juice!

With a little bit of DIY-ing, your dog will be corny in no time.


Corn Dog Costume Supplies

Yellow T-shirt

First, we’ll need a yellow t-shirt for the base layer of this corn dog costume. Make sure it’s a shirt you won’t be devastated over if it gets ruined.

Egg Carton

For the corn kernels, we’re going to use the bottom of an egg carton. Paint it yellow, and then attach it to the shirt using duct tape or a hot glue gun. You can put the kernels on the front of the costume, or flip everything around and put them on your dog’s back.

Green Vest

A green vest half-zipped over the egg carton will look like the husk. If you can’t find one at a thrift store, you can get this one.



Finally, we’ll need some raffia and a headband to make the silk for our corn. You can use hot glue or floral wire to attach the raffia to the headband.


DIY Corn Dog Costume - Rafferty's 31 Days of Dog Costumes - Rafferty -

Just look at this thing! I can’t imagine a more beautiful corn dog costume!

I’d love to see your dog dressed up in this corn dog costume! Tag @raffertypup on Instagram to share your photos with us.

PS: As always, please put the safety and comfort of your dog first. Be sure the clothing items fit properly and aren’t too tight or binding. Dogs can overheat quickly, so if the weather is too warm, don’t dress up your dog! And watch your pup for signs of stress. Some dogs will make it obvious if they hate the costume, but others might give more subtle clues like yawning, panting and pinned-back ears. Remember, a funny Instagram photo isn’t worth making your dog miserable, or worse.


Corn Dog Costume - Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -

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