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We’re sharing some of our favorite dog clothes for big dogs. We’ll keep adding more as we find things we love, so check back often!

Dog Overalls For Big Dogs

Farmer Dog Costume - Rafferty's 31 Days of Dog Costumes for big dogs - Rafferty -

I cannot get over how cute these dog overalls are! They are well-made with real denim, and come in a variety of sizes to fit big dogs. You’ll never want to take them off your pup!

Dog Raincoat For Big Dogs

Dog Raincoat - Rafferty -

This raincoat is higher quality than some human clothes! It keeps Rafferty dry on the rainiest days and is very comfortable. It features real pockets, high quality snaps, zipper closure, and a detachable hood. I love the contrasting liner. So cute!

Christmas Sweater For Big Dogs

Dog Christmas Sweater - Rafferty -

I got this sweater for Rafferty when he was just a puppy, and I loved it so much that I got him the same sweater once he was fully grown! Blueberry Pet make extremely high quality and durable dog sweaters. This one features a festive red and white pattern, a leash hole, and an adorable hood. Rafferty is very warm and comfortable in this dog sweater as it doesn’t impede his movement and is cut such that he can potty with it on, too.

Dog Boots For Big Dogs

Rafferty loves to play in the snow! The only problem is that he will play and play instead of going potty, then his feet will get too cold. He’ll sit down and try to lift all his feet off the ground in the most hilarious way until I take him back inside–but he never went potty! So 10 minutes later, we have to go back out and the whole cycle repeats.

I got him these Ultra Paws dog boots to deal with this issue and because we can get some seriously cold temperatures where we are. The boots fit well, and stay on fairly well, too. I like that they keep his feet dry and additionally protect from sharp ice. We’ve also used these boots at the beach to protect his feet when the sand is too hot, and it works great.

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