DIY Construction Worker Dog Costume


Rafferty’s DIY construction worker dog costume is adorable and so easy to put together with just two items. With many size options on the market, [...]

DIY Construction Worker Dog Costume2023-10-22T20:16:33-04:00

DIY Grandpa Dog Costume


Our Grandpa dog costume is perfect for big dogs, and it’s quick to put together with things you can easily find at a thrift store. [...]

DIY Grandpa Dog Costume2023-10-22T20:08:55-04:00

DIY Ice Cream Man Dog Costume


    Rafferty’s Ice Cream Man Dog Costume will make you scream for ice cream. It’s easy to scale so it will work for even [...]

DIY Ice Cream Man Dog Costume2023-10-22T20:28:53-04:00

DIY Rocky Dog Costume


In this DIY Rocky dog costume, your dog will be ready to enter the ring. Rafferty’s Rocky costume is easy to put together for your [...]

DIY Rocky Dog Costume2023-10-22T20:33:17-04:00

DIY Doctor Dog Costume


  Rafferty’s DIY doctor dog costume is perfect for big dogs. You can put this look together with just 3 items for a quick and [...]

DIY Doctor Dog Costume2023-10-23T10:26:14-04:00

DIY Farmer Dog Costume


  In Rafferty’s farmer dog costume, your dog will be ready to grow some corn and milk the cows. This costume is perfect for big [...]

DIY Farmer Dog Costume2022-10-12T11:01:45-04:00

DIY Hippie Dog Costume


  Our hippie dog costume will have your pup looking like a flower child in no time! Perfect for big dogs who might not fit [...]

DIY Hippie Dog Costume2022-10-11T13:36:43-04:00

Safari Dog Costume


Our safari dog costume is unique and easy to put together. It’s perfect for big dogs. Your dog will be ready to find exotic wildlife [...]

Safari Dog Costume2022-10-10T14:01:38-04:00

DIY Luau Dog Costume


Say aloha to this luau dog costume! This Hawaiian party dog costume comes together quickly and easily and works perfectly for a big dog costume. [...]

DIY Luau Dog Costume2022-10-08T18:04:23-04:00

DIY Corn Dog Costume


This DIY corn dog costume has the juice! With a little bit of DIY-ing, your dog will be corny in no time.   Corn Dog [...]

DIY Corn Dog Costume2022-10-07T11:42:05-04:00


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